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Australia’s Export of Agricultural Products to China has Doubled that of Five Years Ago

The local media coverage on March 6 that according to the latest data, Australia’s export value of agricultural products to China in 2013 has doubled that of five years ago to AUD 7.3 billion, which it’s only a signal of the further surging export of Australia’s agricultural products in the wake of the soaring foodstuff.

A report released recently by ABARES shows that, China has topped others as the largest export market of Australia’s agricultural products from sixth in ten years ago. China’s increase in demands for foodstuff will mainly be pulled up by some high-value products like beef, mutton and dairy products. During 2007-2008, Australia’s export of beef to China was only AUD10 million, but soared to AUD406 million in 2013. The export of lamb also increased by 20 times. Australia has become the largest supply market of China’s agricultural products with its reputation of pure and green products.

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