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Briefings on Japan’s Trade in March, 2019

According to the statistics from the Japanese customs, in January-March 2019, the import and export volume of Japanese goods reached US$352.81 billion, down 4.7% over the same period of the previous year (the same below). Among these, the exports were US$173.77 billion, down 5.7%; the imports were US$179.03 billion, down 3.6%. The trade deficit was US$5.26 billion, up 268.7%.

In March, the import and export of Japanese goods reached US$124.85 billion, down 5.3%. Among these, the exports were US$64.80 billion, down 6.9%; the imports were US$60.05 billion, down 3.5%. The trade surplus was US$4.75 billion.

In January-March, the bilateral import and export volume of goods between Japan and China was US$72.72 billion, down 4.9%. Among these, Japan’s exports to China were US$30.85 billion, down 9.4%, accounting for 17.8% of Japan’s total exports, down 0.7 percentage points; Japan’s imports from China were US$41.87 billion, down 1.2%, accounting for 23.4% of Japan’s total imports, up 0.6 percentage points. The trade deficit between Japan and China was US$11.01 billion, up 31.8%.

By March, China had been Japan's second largest export trade partner and the largest import trade partner.

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