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Briefings on China-Indonesia Trade in January-March, 2019

Indonesia’s Central Bureau of Statistics released the trade report on April 15. In January-March 2019, Indonesia’s foreign trade volume was US$81.21 billion, down 8.0% year on year. Among these, the exports totaled US$40.51 billion, down 8.5% year on year and the imports totaled US$40.70 billion, down 7.4% year on year. The accumulative trade deficit was US$190 million.

In January-March 2019, the trade volume of non-oil and gas products between China and Indonesia was US$15.66 billion, down 5.1% year on year. Among these, Indonesia’s exports to China, its largest export destination, totaled US$5.24 billion, down 17.4% year on year, accounting for 14.1% of its total exports; Indonesia’s imports from China, its largest source of imports, totaled US$10.42 billion, up 2.5% year on year, accounting for 29.0% of its total imports.

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