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Recently, the fourth group of "best practice cases" for the pilot program on comprehensively deepening innovative development of service trade was published. Could the Ministry of Commerce brief on the highlights of these cases in opening up, and what policies and arrangements will be introduced to support the development of service trade in the next step?(2023-11-16)

In August 2020, the State Council approved the plan to comprehensively deepen the pilot program on innovative development of service trade in 28 regions across the country. Since the pilot program was launched, the Ministry of Commerce has taken the lead in replicating and rolling out four groups of 83 "best practice cases" nationwide. A total of 25 cases for the newly introduced fourth group present the following five highlights:

First, actively exploring new paths for institutional opening up. For example, Guangzhou expanded the access of Hong Kong and Macao to construction engineering, and has a pilot program on the architect responsibility system; Beijing has established a cross-border security management mechanism for data to explore ways for data flowing to other countries in compliance. Second, further developing new business forms and models of service trade. For example, Xiamen actively promotes the innovative development of sports service trade; Xi’an explores a new model of geographic information services. Third, constantly innovating the institutions and mechanisms that facilitate the development of service trade. For example, Shanghai promotes paperless trade by benchmarking high-standard international economic and trade rules; Hangzhou encourages banks to explore cross-border scenarios of e-CNY. Fourth, continuing to improve policies and measures to support the development of service trade. For example, Shenzhen innovates the cross-border financing model with intellectual property rights based on the pilot project of foreign debt facilitation. Fifth, continuing to encourage localities in pioneering the collection of service trade statistics. For example, Chongqing has established a system connecting major enterprises in service trade and explored statistical indicators such as human resources service trade.

In the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will upgrade and build national demonstration zones for innovative development of trade in services, continue to build pacesetters leading high-quality development of China's service trade, and replicate and roll out more institutional innovations across the country. Thank you.