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We have noticed that 15-minute community service circles for the convenience of residents have been built in many places nationwide to promote high-quality development of the life service industry and keep urban economic microcirculation unimpeded. What are the main components of 15-minute community service circles?(2023-02-16)

The development of 15-minute community service circles for the convenience of residents is an important embodiment of the people-centered development philosophy and meeting the people's needs for a better life. It is also an important vessel to protect people's livelihood, restore and expand consumption, and keep the urban economic microcirculation smooth. In recent years, the Ministry of Commerce has actively promoted 15-minute community service circles, worked together with relevant departments to issue guiding opinions and development guidelines, and designated two groups of 80 pilot areas throughout the country to guide and accelerate pilot work in the following areas:

First, focusing on improving the supply facilities for community consumption. In accordance with the principle of "providing people with what they are missing", we will provide tailor-made solutions, shore up weaknesses in public service facilities, improve the types of businesses serving basic daily needs and improving quality of life. For example, we will let small repair jobs, such as shoe repair and key copying return to people's lives in an orderly manner, build diversified facilities offering services that will make life easier for the elderly and provide leisure and entertainment, and make residents' daily lives and consumption more convenient. Second, focusing on innovative scenarios of community consumption. In line with diversified and tailored consumption, we will promote the integration of various services and functions such as the circles for 15-minute community services, old-age care, leisure and recreation, develop new forms of businesses such as smart stores, incorporate multiple functions in one convenience store or community supermarket, expand convenience services, and promote new online and on-site sales models such as online booking and delivery and instant retailing to create a new engine for consumption growth. Third, focusing on growing market players of community consumption. Accelerating the development of comprehensive service-oriented business centers and neighborhood centers, encourage chain stores to settle in the community, support community consumption promotion activities, and stimulate market vitality.

To date, the 80 pilot areas have built 1,402 community service circles with 280,000 commercial outlets covering more than 32 million people in 2,766 communities. The community service circles in the pilot areas now feature more balanced commercial networks, more diverse facilities and business forms, greater vitality of market entities, and more service provision functions. Residents now have a greater sense of fulfillment.

Next, MOFCOM will work with relevant departments to launch a three-year action plan based on the pilot program and fully promote the development of community service circles to bring more benefits to the people. Thank you.