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We noticed that recently, the Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration of Market Regulation jointly released the First Group of Best Practices of National-level Service Industry Circulation Standardization. Could you please give us a briefing?(2023-02-09)

The pilot program for national service industry commercial circulation standardization, under the auspices of the Ministry of Commerce and State Administration of Market Supervision, aims to promote innovation in the standard setting, implementation and application by regions, industries and market players. Since the pilot was launched in 2021, the Ministry of Commerce has provided guidance to 15 pilot cities and 94 pilot enterprises in implementing the pilot tasks, with the focus on the transformation and upgrading of circulation facilities, innovation in circulation methods, and standards certification in domestic and foreign trade. Efforts were made in exploring new models, new paths and new methods to enhance the quality and efficiency of circulation and the integration of domestic and foreign trade through standardization, delivering results with distinct features. Up to now, the pilot enterprises have developed more than 200 standards for commerce circulation, with significantly higher implementation rate, forming a preliminary path for standardization suitable to the conditions of the regions and the enterprises.

In order to amplify the role of the pilot program, the Ministry of Commerce and State Administration of Market Regulation have reviewed and published the first group of best practices, including 20 items in five aspects, such as innovative development of circulation enterprises through standardization, coordinated development of urban and rural circulation, green development of the circulation industry, efficient operation of logistics, and integrated development of domestic and foreign trade. These best practices are to be replicated nationwide. The concrete experience and practices of the pilot enterprises will be complied into case studies to provide reference for high-quality commerce development through standardization.

Going forward, the Ministry of Commerce will enhance monitoring and guidance as the pilot tasks are implemented, and step up efforts to replicate the best practices to benefit more places and enterprises. Thank you.