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Recently, 27 government departments including MOFCOM issued the opinions on promoting the high-quality development of foreign trade in culture. We have noticed that in 2014 the State Council issued the opinions on accelerating the development of foreign trade in culture. What is the background of and main considerations behind the issue of the opinions by MOFCOM and relevant government departments this time?(2022-07-21)

Since the State Council issued the opinions on accelerating the development of foreign trade in culture in 2014, MOFCOM, together with relevant government departments and localities, has earnestly implemented various policies and measures, and contributed to the remarkable development of China's foreign trade in culture, the volume of which exceeded USD200 billion for the first time in 2021, up 38.7% year-on-year. Rapid development has been achieved in China’s export of its widely popular films, television series, online literature, online audio-visual products, creative products and others. High-quality books, films, television series and other cultural products and services that are imported into China better meet the diverse cultural needs of the people. Exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign cultures continue to deepen.

As a new round of technological revolution is advancing at a faster pace, digital technologies have empowered the cultural sector, giving rise to new business types and models and creating new development opportunities for cultural trade. To implement the overall planning of the Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for National Economic and Social Development and Vision 2035, and to seize the new opportunities of the digital economy, 27 authorities including MOFCOM have recently published Opinions on Advancing High-Quality Development of Foreign Trade in Culture. The Opinions puts forward 28 tasks and measures related to deepening reform and opening up, tapping into innovation-driven growth momentum, stimulating the vitality of market players, expanding cooperation channels and networks, strengthening organization and support, and other aspects. The Opinions aims at supporting expanding trade of high-quality cultural products and services, helping the Chinese culture go global, promoting exchanges and mutual learning among cultures, and cultivating an institutional framework and policy system that accommodates digitization, high-quality development and objectives of culture foreign trade.

In the next stage, MOFCOM will work with relevant authorities and local governments to carry out the Opinions and refine policies and measures to ensure implementation and bring culture foreign trade to a higher level. Thank you.