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At the 25th meeting of China-Russia Economic and Trade Cooperation Sub-committee, the Russian side predicted that the bilateral trade between China and Russia this year might exceed a record high of USD165 billion to USD170 billion, and expressed hope for China to further smooth the transportation at border crossings. What’s MOFCOM’s growth forecast for this year’s China-Russia trade? What will be the next step to promote the development of China-Russia trade, which areas will be the focus, and what measures will be taken to ensure the smooth flow at the border crossings between China and Russia?(2022-08-25)

Since the beginning of this year, China-Russia trade has maintained its growth momentum. We will continue to work with the Russian side to promote normal economic and trade exchanges between the two countries, maintain stability in industrial and supply chains, foster new growth points in areas such as digital economy, green development, biomedicine, and improve both the scale and quality of China-Russia economic and trade relations.

As for transportation at the border crossings, the two sides have coordinated efforts in pandemic response and customs clearance to ensure a normal order at the border crossing between the two countries. This June, the Heihe-Blagoveshchensk highway bridge opened to traffic, creating a new channel of connectivity between the two countries. MOFCOM will continue to cooperate with relevant departments and localities to further smooth customs clearance and logistics transportation while ensuring safety amid the epidemic. Thank you.