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This round of resurging domestic pandemic has stalled production in many places. How will it impact Chinese foreign trade companies, particularly the micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs)?(2022-03-31)

We are paying close attention to the impact of this round of Covid-19 reemergence on foreign trade businesses, MSMEs in particular. Judging from the feedback we have received, some foreign trade companies have faced such temporary issues as disrupted business activities and chocked logistics, as a result of the pandemic. Meanwhile, as problems including rising raw material costs, impeded cross-border maritime transport and clogged supply chains have not been substantially addressed, foreign trade businesses, especially MSMEs, are still faced with grave operational pressure.

In response to the difficulties and challenges of the businesses, MOFCOM will work with relevant authorities and local governments to make sure that policies to stabilize foreign trade are thoroughly implemented. We will carry out tax and fee cuts, improve the business environment, and help address logistics and transportation bottlenecks, to keep industrial and supply chains of foreign trade companies stable and unimpeded. Meanwhile, we will instruct local authorities to introduce supports tailored to their local conditions, to jointly help foreign trade companies overcome risks and challenges. Thank you.