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The 2023 government work report has identified intensifying efforts to attract and utilize foreign investment as one of the eight priorities this year and made a series of plans. It is believed that with a vast and open market, China is sure to provide even greater business opportunities for foreign companies in China. MOFCOM is to hold a series of activities to celebrate the “Invest in China Year”. Could you brief us on that and the considerations about how to further attract investment?(2023-03-16)

Launching the "Invest in China Year" series of investment promotion activities is an important initiative of MOFCOM to implement the decision of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council on intensifying efforts to attract and utilize foreign investment. With the theme of "Invest in China, Working Together for a Bright Future of Openness and Prosperity", we will coordinate resources from all sides to attract foreign investment on a regular basis through a series of diversified activities. Efforts are focused on building platforms, connecting channels and precise matchmaking to fully unveil the investment opportunities of various localities across China, and make the "Invest in China" brand a great success. We will hold activities throughout the year, covering the Eastern, Central and Western China.

Activities are mainly divided into three categories. First, comprehensive activities will be carried out including a launching ceremony of the “Invest in China Year”, keynote forums, summits, etc. on the sidelines of major expos. Second, representatives of relevant localities and enterprises are to go overseas to throw special promotional events. Taking into account industrial development and demands for foreign investment, we will see that economic and commercial offices in Chinese embassies and investment promotion agencies overseas play a better role in matchmaking and supporting localities in attracting the foreign investment that they need most. Third, special promotional events will be held in relevant provinces, together with other activities such as the local trips of multinational companies and CIIE local roadshows, etc., which will highlight local characteristics, and aim to enhance mutual understanding.

While carrying out the "Invest in China Year" series of activities, we will work to make market access still greater for foreign investment, steadily expand the institutional opening up, and strive to create an enabling business environment that is based on market principles, governed by law and up to international standards. We will leverage various open platforms to achieve a higher level of investment liberalization and facilitation, and better facilitate the introduction of foreign-invested projects. We will give full play to the special task force for major foreign-invested projects to provide "whole life cycle" services and help foreign enterprises to better explore the China market, grasp new opportunities and create more mutual benefits. Thank you.