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Recently, Beijing, Shanghai, among other localities published their foreign investment attraction projects for 2021. A number of new foreign investment projects were initiated. What measures will MOFOCOM take to stabilize foreign investment for the year of 2022?(2022-01-13)

In 2022, MOFCOM will earnestly follow the instructions of the Central Economic Work Conference, and maintain stability on six fronts and ensure security in six areas. With the focus on stabilizing the fundamentals of foreign trade and foreign investment, we will channel more efforts to stabilize total FDI inflows into China, and improve the structure and quality of inbound FDI. Specifically, we will work in the following aspects:

First, open up wider at a high level. We will see to it that the 2021 edition of negative lists for foreign investment nationwide and for pilot Free Trade Zones are fully implemented, step up efforts to formulate, revise and abolish supporting regulations as needed, and ensure that foreign investment not prohibited can have access to the Chinese market. We will revise and enlarge the encouraged industry catalogue to guide more foreign investors to invest in the central and western regions and in emerging sectors, such as advanced manufacturing, modern services, high and new technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, green and low-carbon development and digital economy.

Second, mobilize more efforts to develop platforms for opening-up. We will leverage the platforms provided by the free trade port, pilot Free Trade Zones, national economic and technological development zones, and comprehensive pilot zones of expanding opening-up of the service sector to attract more foreign investment with our favorable business environment and institutional strengths. We will continue to organize major trade exhibitions, including the China International Import Expo, the Canton Fair, the China International Fair for Trade in Services, the Hainan Expo and the China International Fair for Investment and Trade, so as to ramp up efforts to attract foreign investment.

Third, strengthen services for foreign-invested enterprises and foreign investment projects. We will support the role of foreign trade and investment coordination mechanism and its task forces of key foreign investment projects, improve the “through train” one-on-one tracking services for key foreign-invested enterprises and projects, and help to address personnel entry and other issues of companies’ concern. We will work with relevant departments to offer supporting services to large new projects in a bid for their early construction and implementation.

Fourth, further improve the environment to attract foreign investment. We will comprehensively remove all rules inconsistent with the foreign investment law and its implementing regulations, and ensure fair treatment for foreign-invested enterprises. We will fully leverage the mechanism of handling FIEs’ complaints, step up protection for FIEs’ lawful rights and interests, and maintain foreign investors’ expectations and confidence in investing in China. We will stay committed to building a market-oriented and law-based business environment that’s up to international standard, so that China can remain a hot destination for foreign investment. Thank you.