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It’s reported that the leaders of the Group of Seven announced the Global Investment and infrastructure Partnership aimed at promoting the development of mid- and low-income countries and bolstering the global economy and supply chain stability with a planned investment of US$600 billion by 2027. Initiated and advocated by the US, the initiative is intended to counter China’s Belt and Road initiative. What is MOFCOM’s response?(2022-06-30)

Since the inception of the Belt and Road initiative nearly nine years ago, China has worked with related countries under the principle of wide consultation and joint construction for shared benefits and the philosophy of open, green and clean development for BRI sustainability, connectivity and practical cooperation, with substantial and significant outcomes. With the completion of a host of infrastructure cooperation projects, the initiative has effectively promoted the economic and social development of related countries and brought tangible benefits to local people as a deeply popular international public good and cooperation platform.

As for G7’s initiative, we see immense space for cooperation in global infrastructure development. China welcomes and is open to any cooperation initiative that is conducive to the connectivity, economic development, people’s livelihood and social progress of related countries. In the context of the Covid shock and difficult global economic recovery, it’s up to all sides to pursue cooperative development and overcome the difficulties. We welcome more countries and institutions to take part in the high-quality development of the Belt and Road and renew the dynamics for increasing people’s well-being and global economic development. Thank you.