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Reports have been saying that the Belt and Road projects have increased the debts of countries along the routes. What’s MOFCOM’s comment?(2018-6-7)

The Belt and Road initiative has been highly commended and positively responded by the international community and relevant countries since its inception. We have always stuck to the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits and never forced others to do business with us. The projects are jointly conducted with host nations on the basis of equal negotiations with a view to win-win results and mutual benefits. Enterprises play a leading role in the projects according to market rules while governments work to create a good investment and business environment. Since the beginning of these projects, Chinese enterprises have built 75 trade and economic cooperation zones in BRI countries with a total investment of USD 25.5 billion. They have paid up to USD 1.7 billion taxes to host nations and created nearly 220,000 jobs for the local communities. It is not a burden but hope and growth that comes along with the BRI projects into these countries. China is ready to work with relevant countries to press ahead with BRI development so as to realize mutual benefit, win-win results, and common development and benefit all the peoples in the region. Thank you.

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