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Announcement No. 49, 2007 of Ministry of Commerce
Announcement of Ministry of Commerce on the Wholesale and Storage Qualification of Product Oil

In accordance with the Law of Administrative Licensing and Measures for Administration of Product Oil Market, and with the examination and approval of the Ministry of Commerce, the following companies (中海石油炼化有限责任公司、中海石油炼化有限责任公司销售分公司、中化国际石油公司、中化国际石油广东有限公司、中化国际石油江苏有限公司、中化国际石油浙江有限公司、四川陆地石油销售有限责任公司、芜湖市二环石油有限公司) are endowed with wholesale qualification of product oil; the following companies (中海石油炼化有限责任公司、中海石油炼化有限责任公司销售分公司) are endowed with storage qualification of product oil; one company’s (四川广汉新广实业发展有限公司) wholesale qualification of product oil is cancelled.

Ministry of Commerce
May 23, 2007

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