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Announcement No.26, 2005 of Ministry of Commerce and General Administration of Customs, on Publicizing Forbidden Commodity Catalogue of Processing Trade

In accordance with Foreign Trade Law of the PRC, Customs Law of the PRC and relevant requirement on national macro-control and industry development policies, products like iron ore, pig iron, scrap steel, billet, steel ingot, rare-earth raw ore and rock phosphate in powder are decided to be listed in Forbidden Commodity Catalogue of Processing Trade (see Appendix for details).

This announcement takes effect as of May 19, 2005. Processing trade operation of the above-mentioned products, which are examined and approved by commercial departments and put on records by Customs, shall be conducted in line with current Processing Trade Policy till July 31, 2005. Since August 1, 2005, imported materials and exported finished products shall be regulated as ordinary trade cases, and Record Number on Import and Export Declaration Form shall not be filled in with Processing Trade Manual Number. For the imported bonded materials with no cancellation after verification before August 1, 2005, Processing Trade Manual Number shall be filled in Remark Form of Export Declaration Form. The duration of Processing Trade Manual with expiry date later than May 19, 2005 shall not be prolonged.

This Announcement also takes effect in bonded zones, export processing areas and other areas with special supervision of the Customs.

Ministry of Commerce
General Administration of Customs
April 29,2005