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The Urgent Announcement of Several Conspicuous Problems About Labor Export to Gulf Countries

Recently, many workers we sent to gulf countries such as the United Arab of Emirates often report that many unexpected problems are met when they arrive in the destination .For example, the content of work differs from that they were talked about before going abroad.Even more ,some have no work to do at all;The employers can't handle long-term work visa for our workers and offer them expenses according to the contract ;The employers didn't pay salary in time.

It is worth paying special attention that some overseas Chinese boast of their wealth and local relationship there.In fact, they can only do business in a small way to make a living.They can't offer work opportunities for our workers at all.They recruited many people with sweet words to swindle a large mount of so-called primary expenses.

However, some domestic companies are impatient for success , blindly credulous to sign a treaty .It makes the workers be deceived from time to time.The reputation and wealth of the companies , valid rights ,health and spirit of the workers are injured seriously.

To regulate management order ,keep the workers from being swindled by foreign traders and middlemen , assert the lawful rights of our corporation and workers ,here we announce the opinions of some questions concerned :

1.The department and corporations concerned must carry out the rule 《Reiteration of strictly forbidding of sending young women to abroad to do erotic service by the name of working》announced by Foreign Trade and Economy Cooperation Department No.803[1997].And reiterates and strictly forbid sending young women to work at hairdress hall ,disc hall ,bar and public place of entertainment and so on, strictly forbid sent young women to engage massage.The place, character , background of employ of overseas should be definite when sending women for work.

2.The detached workers must hold the effective work visa signed by the government of destination country . If they hold travelling and visit visa , they shouldn't be hired by foreign employers

3.Every corporation must follow the standard drown up by department concerned when they collect expenses which must be totally used in the organization and management of workers.
They shouldn't collect the primeval and training expenses for employers and middlemen from workers , in order to prevent the affair of swindling money of our workers.

4. Strictly carry out 《The prescript to enhance the manegement of engineering and labor cooperation service by our embassy resided in foreign country》Every corporation must ask for written criticisms of embassy resided in foreign country before sign the dispatching contract .

Every department in charge of import and export trade should transmit this announcement to related trade corporation, and follow it .