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Announcement NO.5 of 2020 of Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs and National Medical Products Administration on Ensuring the Orderly Export of Medical Supplies

The COVID-19 pandemic is sprawling across the world at a faster pace. On top of our domestic efforts in fighting the epidemic, it is important that we export medical products in an orderly manner with a view to deepening international cooperation on epidemic control and jointly responding to this global public health crisis. At this special moment, to support the global fight against the pandemic and ensure the quality, safety and orderly export of medical supplies, starting on April 1st, exporters of coronavirus test kits, medical masks, protective gowns for medical use, ventilators and infrared thermometers must provide a written or electronic declaration (Annex 1) when they submit their declarations to customs. This declaration is to prove that the products to be exported have obtained China’s registration certifications (Annex 2) for medical devices and met the quality standards of the importing country or region. Customs will release the products only after checking the registration certifications for medical devices approved by the authorities of medical products. Aforementioned quality regulatory measures on the exported medical supplies will be adjusted in light of the evolving pandemic.

Exporters of medical supplies must ensure the quality and safety of their products which should meet applicable standards, playing their role to support the international combat against COVID-19.

1. Template for the Export Declaration of Medical Supplies.doc
2. Medical Device Registration Information in China (to be updated continuously on the website of National Medical Products Administration www.nmpa.gov.cn/WS04/CL2582/)

Ministry of Commerce
General Administration of Customs
National Medical Products Administration
March 31, 2020

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