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Yu Jianhua: Strengthening Practical Bilateral Cooperation for the Full Implementation of the China-EU Agreement on Geographical Indications

On the afternoon of January 19, Yu Jianhua, China International Trade Representative and Vice Minister of Commerce, and Wolfgang Burtscher, Director-General of the Directorate-General Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission, cochaired virtually the first meeting of the China-EU Joint Committee on Geographical Indications (‘the Joint Committee’) and exchanged views on implementing the China-EU agreement on geographical indications (GIs) and strengthening bilateral practical cooperation.

Yu said that under the political guidance and with the concerted efforts of leaders from both sides, the China-EU agreement on GIs came into force as scheduled. As a major institutional arrangement reached between China and the EU in trade and economy, the agreement carries great significance for deepening China-EU trade and economic cooperation. China stands ready to work with the EU to implement the agreement at a high level and against high standards, and continuously deepen China-EU GI cooperation for the sake of the sustained, healthy development of China-EU commercial ties.

Yu underlined that trade in agricultural products is an important area in China-EU trade and economic cooperation. The implementation of the agreement is conducive to promoting China-EU trade in agricultural products, which will bring more trade opportunities for enterprises from both sides and provide more high-quality GI-bearing products for people on both sides to meet their growing needs for a better life. China stands ready to make good use of the Joint Committee mechanism to help address enterprises' demands and effectively translate agreement outcomes into trade figures.

Burtscher said that both the EU and China are rich in GI resources. The implementation of the agreement has great significance for both sides to strengthen GI protection, improve the market recognition of related products and create greater added value. The EU stands ready to work together with China to facilitate the high-level implementation of the agreement, accord high-level protection to GIs from both sides, share experience in the legal system and management practices regarding GIs, and strengthen practical cooperation in promoting GI-bearing products, so as to expand bilateral trade in agricultural products, benefit enterprises and consumers on both sides and boost the rural economy.

The two sides jointly reviewed and adopted the rules of procedures and future work plan of the Joint Committee.

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