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The 2nd Round of China-Panama FTA Negotiation Held in Beijing

On August 20-24, the 2nd round of China-Panama FTA negotiation was held in Beijing. Based on the previous round of negotiation, they exchanged views on the topics related to the FTA. Positive progress has been made in the negotiation.

Promoting the China-Panama FTA negotiation is an important action to implement the consensus about building China-Panama free trade zone reached by President Xi Jinping and Panama’s President Varela. China and Panama are each other’s important economic and trade partners with strong economic complementarity. The FTA negotiation based on mutual benefit and win-win results will inject new substantial contents to bilateral economic and trade relations, improve the liberalization and facilitation of bilateral trade and investment, and bring tangible interests to the enterprises and people of both countries.

Both sides agreed that the 3rd round of China-Panama FTA negotiation will be held in Panama City, the capital of Panama in October this year.

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