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Announcement on Imposing Tariffs on Some Goods Originating in the US

The US government announced to impose additional tariffs of 25% on US$50 billion worth of the Chinese imports according to the unilateral recognized results of section 301 investigation on June 15, 2018. Among these, the additional tariff on US$34 billion worth of Chinese imports will come into effect from July 6, and measures against the rest of US$16 billion worth of Chinese imports will further solicit public opinions. The US has ignored China’s opposition and serious representation, resolutely behaved against the WTO rules. It has severely violated China’s legitimate rights in the WTO and threatened China’s economic interest and safety.

In the face of the emergency that the US has violated the international rules against China, in order to defend its legitimate rights, China decided to impose a tariff rate of 25% on the US imports like farm products, auto and aquatic products according to the Foreign Trade Law of the People’s Republic of China and the basic principles of International Law, involving US$34 billion worth of US imports in 2017 (appendix 1). Those measures will come into force from July 6 2018.

Meanwhile, China planned to impose additional tariff of 25% on chemical products, medical equipment and energy imported from the US, involving US$ 16 billion worth of the US imports. The final measures and effective date will be released separately.

List of goods with additional tariff by the Tariff Commission of the State Council

List of goods with additional tariff by the Tariff Commission of the State Council

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