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The General Office of the State Council Printed and Issued the National Work Planning of Cracking down on IPR Infringement and Counterfeit and Shoddy Goods in 2014

In recent days, the General Office of the State Council printed and issued the National Work Planning of Cracking down on IPR Infringement and Counterfeit and Shoddy Goods in 2014 (hereinafter referred to as “the Planning”), strengthening the cracking down on IPR Infringement and Counterfeit and Shoddy Goods, optimizing long-term mechanism, and providing strong guarantee for accelerating the optimizing of the modern market system and establishing a legalization business environment.

The Planning specified 32 key work in 6 aspects. Firstly, to organize special action targeted at prominent problems. Strike illegal conductions including publishing false and illegal advertisements and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods through internet, as well as infringement and pirate; ban according to the law illegal audio-visual program websites, strengthen the improvement and rectification of illegal goods trade on the internet, and intensify the supervision over operations including network access, domain name registration, and information services; carry out special action on cracking down counterfeit and shoddy naphtha and diesel oil; reinforce commercial secret protection, and judge and publicize typical cases of infringing commercial secret according to the law.

Secondly, to carry out concentrate improvement and rectification in key sections. Carry out actions including cracking down on counterfeit goods of agricultural means of production and quality testing; striking illegal actions like making and selling counterfeit and shoddy drugs as well as selling unqualified goods in circulation field; hitting illegal actions including infringement of trade mark, copyright, patent right, plant variety right, geographical indication, layout design of integrated circuit and China time-honored brand; strengthen customs protection of intellectual property rights, and promote software legalization.

Thirdly, to strengthen criminal justice, and fight crimes strictly. Carry out cluster battle to root out the chained and industrialized criminal network; strengthen the inspection and supervision, focusing on the crime of dereliction of duty in the field of infringement and counterfeit, carry out special work on preventing and punishing crimes by taking advantage of duty which damage the interests of the masses; strengthen the judicial work on criminal cases in key industries and fields of infringement and counterfeits, depriving the ability and condition of infringers to recommit crimes.

Fourthly, to deepen reform and innovation, and optimize institutional improvement. Drive and accelerate the amendment to the Copyright Law, Patent Law, Seed Law, Trademark Law Implementing Regulations and Regulations on Patent Commissioning; speed up the establishment of an information sharing platform under provincial level to connect administrative enforcement of law and criminal justice; promote the information disclosure of administrative penalty cases; establishment a black list of operating entities that violate laws and rules; carry out performance assessment on cracking down on infringement and counterfeit, and optimize the supervision system of big and key cases; optimize the system of custody of involved goods and innocent treatment of infringement and fake goods; carry out comprehensive reform pilot of IPR.

Fifthly, to intensify publicity and education, and expand external exchange. Expose enterprises violating laws and rules, as well as typical cases; carry out publicity and education at key time points; make full use of governmental websites of various regions and departments, to communicate with enterprises, consumers and obliges; negotiate with developed countries like the U.S. and the EU on issues of intellectual property right; promote intellectual property right cooperation with BRICs and countries alongside the Silk Road Economic Belt; guide and support enterprises to carry out IPR protection overseas.

Sixthly, to lay a solid work foundation and strengthen capacity building. Optimize reports and complaints scheme, strengthen service system building of reports and complaints, and implement the measures of awarding reports; strengthen legal service of intellectual property right, and help enterprises establish and optimize the internal management system of intellectual property right; reinforce the building of grass-roots cadres and law enforcement, intensify business training, and promptly commend advanced entities and individuals in work.

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