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MOFCOM Spokesman Comments on the Report of the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) on China’s Implementation of Its World Trade Organization (WTO) Commitments

China noted that the Office of USTR released 2018 Report on China’s WTO Compliance on February 5 Beijing time. As in the past, the report assesses China’s implementation of its WTO commitments based on US’ domestic law, rather WTO agreements and multilateral rules. It is inconsistent with the facts. A considerable part of the report’s accusations against China exceeds China’s WTO commitments, and lacks legal and factual basis. China opposes the report.

After joining the WTO, China earnestly fulfilled its commitments, improved the socialist market economic system and legal system, improved the transparency of trade policies, opened up the trade in goods and services, improved the legal system for intellectual property protection, and strengthened law enforcement.

In 2018, China submitted central and local subsidy policy notifications and 2011-2016 agricultural domestic support notifications to effectively improve transparency. In the WTO's 7th review of China's trade policy in 2018, the overwhelming majority of its members gave positive comments on China's economic and trade policy trends and commitments, and praised China for its contribution to the multilateral trading system. The White Paper on China and the World Trade Organization released by the Chinese government in 2018 provides a comprehensive introduction to China's practice of fulfilling its WTO commitments and clarifies China's vision and actions of promoting a higher level of openness.

China firmly supports the multilateral trading system, actively participates in the reform of the WTO, takes a clear-cut stand against unilateralism and protectionism and promotes the development of economic globalization towards a more open, inclusive, balanced and win-win direction.