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MOFCOM Spokesman Comments on the US Trade Measures against China

The US and China have conducted several rounds of negotiations, aiming to resolve the differences and realize mutually beneficial results. But we feel sorry that the US has ignored the consensus already reached and capriciously initiate the trade war. It has impaired the interest of both sides, and destroyed the world trade order. China was resolutely against it.

China doesn’t want a trade war, but we have to strike back to defend the interest of our country and its people and resolutely safeguard the economic globalization and multilateral trading system while facing the US harming others without benefiting itself. We will impose tariffs with the same size and force and all the trade and economic achievements reached by the two sides will be invalid at the same time.

Nowadays, the trade war is not in line with global interest. We call on all countries to jointly take actions to stop outdated and backward behavior and jointly defend common interest of the mankind.