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MOFCOM Spokesman Comments on the 301 Investigation of the US against China 

On August 21, MOFCOM Spokesman Comments on the 301 investigation of the US against China.

On August 18 in the US, the US trade representative announced to launch the 301 investigation against China according to the Trade Act of 1974. The US disregards the rules of the WTO and attempts to investigate China only based on its own laws. This is irresponsible and the accusation against China is not objective. China expresses strong dissatisfaction with US’ unilateralism and protectionism.

Since the two presidents’ successful meeting at Mar-a-lago and in Hamburg, China and the US,based on mutual benefit, have had smooth constructive communication and discussion concerning bilateral economic and trade topics under a comprehensive economic dialogue frame, and have made substantial progress and achievements. At this crucial point, the US launched the 301 investigation, a wrong signal, and this move will certainly be opposed by the international society including the American industries. China thinks the US should steadily promote the one-year plan for economic cooperation with China and strive to make greater achievements, thus keeping China-US trade and economic relationship on a healthy and stable development track.

We urge the US to act prudently and respect the facts, the strong cooperation will of industries from both countries, and multilateral trade rules. China will pay close attention to this investigation and take all proper measures to safeguard its legitimate rights.