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Spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce Comments on China’s Foreign Investment Utilization Ranking First in 2014

According to the Global Investment Trends Monitor issued by UNCTAD, global foreign direct investment (FDI) inflow in 2014 reached US$ 1.26 trillion, down 8% compared with that of 2013. China’s utilized FDI in 2014 reached US$ 119.6 billion (excluding data of banking, securities and insurance), up 1.7% year on year, with the FDI flow ranking first for the first time. Spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce Sun Jiwen pointed out that, in recent years, the Chinese government accelerated the construction of the new system of open economy, further expanded opening up, sped up the transformation of government functions, vigorously promoted reforms taking streamlining administration and delegating power as the emphasis, explored the management mode of pre-establishment national treatment plus negative list to foreign investment, and strengthened protection for the legal rights of foreign invested enterprises, making China’s FDI utilization stay at a high level.

Sun said that the U.S. had always been the largest country of FDI utilization in the world. In 2014, Verizon bought back its shares from its British shareholder Vodafone with US$ 130 billion, making the net FDI flow to the U.S. To reduce largely, resulting in that the U.S. utilization of FDI in 2014 reduced to US$ 86 billion, down to the third in the world from the first in 2013.