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Doing Business in Gansu
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(i) Geographic and Main Cities

Gansu situated at the geographical center of China, lying on the upper reaches of the Yellow River and has a vast area. Gansu province is lying between 32°11′ - 42 °57 ′of north latitude and 92 °13 ′-108 ° 46′of east longitude. It meets Shanxi in the east, nears Sichuan in the south, joins Qinghai and Xinjiang in the west, and leans on Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and border on Mongolia in the north. The total land area of Gansu Province is 425,800 square km and ranks the seventh place in China. Gansu is a mountainous province and the major mountains are Qilianshan Mountain, Wushaoling, Liupanshan Mountain, Aerjinshan Mountain, Mazongshan Mountain, Helishan Mountain, Longshoushan Mountain, Xiqinshan Mountain and Ziwuling etc. Most of them orientate from northwest to southeast. The forest resources are centralized in these mountain areas and most rivers form their headstreams from these mountains. The landforms are complex and complextypes, the mountainous regions, plateaus, plains, river valleys, deserts and Gobi are in staggered distribution. The topography shapes long and narrow aresa with the length 1,655 km from the east to west and the width 530 km from north to south, and can divide into the 6 large regions with different features: Longnan mountainous region, Longzhong loess plateau, Gannan plateau, Hexi corridor, Qilian mountain area and north area of Hexi corridor.
Gansu Province, Long for short, has 12 prefectural level cities of Lanzhou, Tianshui, Baiyin, Jinchang, Jiayuguan, Wuwei, Qingyang, Pingliang, Zhangye, Jiuquan, Dingxi and Longnan and 2 autonomous prefectures of Linxia and Gannan. There are 4 county level cities, 58 counties, 7 national autonomous prefectures and 18 districts under city's jurisdiction all together. The capital of the province is Lanzhou Municipality.

Gansu is located at the joint area of three plateaus of Loess Plateau , Qinghai - Tibetan Plateau and Mongolia Plateau. It has various climates of north subtropical zone, high and cold area and dry area from southeast to northwest. The climate of Gansu Province is dry, the daily difference in air temperature is large, the sunlight is sufficient and sun radiation is strong. The annual average air temperature is between 0-14 ℃ and reduces from the southeast to the northwest; the annual average air temperature in Hexi Corridor is 4-9℃ and the annual average precipitation is about 300 mm. The precipitation varies greatly from place to place between 42-760 mm and reduces from the southeast to the northwest. Gansu has sufficient sunlight and rich light energy, the number of hours of annual sunlight can reach 1,700-3,300 hours and increases from the southeast to the northwest.

(iii) Population and Nationalities
By the end of 2005, the total population of Gansu Province reached 25,943,600, in which the urban population was 7,788,300, and the rural population was 18,155,300 and accounted for 30.02% and 69.98% of total population respectively. The birthrate was 12.59‰, mortality was 6.57‰natural growth rate of the population was 6.02‰
Gansu is a multinational province, now the whole province has 54 minorities and the total population of minorities amounts to 2.199 million and accounts for 8.7% of the total population of Gansu Province. There are 16 main minorities of Hui, Tibetan, Dongxiang, Tu, Yugu, Baoan, Mongolia, Sala, kazakstan, and manchu etc., living in the province for generations. At present, there are two nationality autonomy prefectures of Gan and Linxia, 7 autonomy Counties of Tianzhu, Sunan, Subei, Akesai, Dongxiang, Jishishan and Zhangjiachuan and 39 nationality villages in Gansu Province. The land area of the autonomy areas has reached 179,000 km2, which accounts for 39.8% of the area of Gansu Province.

(iv) Infrastructure and Transportation
At present, the fi ve highways leaving from Lanzhou, the capital city of Gansu Province, are all high-speeded and connected with all capital cities in neighboring Provinces with expressways. There are 72 national highways and provincial highways that are linking vertically and horizontally. The construction of the project of renovation of highway network in Gansu Province is strengthened continuously and rural highway construction is accelerated in steps obviously. By the end of 2005, Gansu Province had completed 463 km of new-built highways of B-level or above, of which 320 km of expressway. The expressway construction in Gansu Province has made a breakthrough of 0km to 1,000 km. The three provinces of Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia have realized connection with expressways and have realized the goal of tar highway connect from cities to counties and from counties to villages.

Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province is an important traffic and communication hinge and staple center in Northwest of China. The railway net consists of 6 trunk railways of Longhai (Lanzhou, Gansu to Lianyungang, Jiangsu), Lanxin (Lanzhou to Urumqi, Xinjiang), Baolan (Baotou, Inner Mongolia to Lanzhou), 10 branches and 317 special lines taking Lanzhou as the center and linking the province with the outside world closely. And we have constructed the railway connecting the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States at Ala Mountain on the basis of Longhai Railway, as well as multiple track of Lanxin Railway, and second line of Baolan, this will make Gansu the traffi ce center for northwest area and the hinge of the communication of from north to the south.

ansu Province has established 4 civil airports of Lanzhou Zhongchan, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan and Qingyang. There are more than 40 domestic airlines that connect 37 large and medium cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guilin, Chengdu, Xi'an, Urumchi and Shenyang and there are also two airlines direct to Hongkong and Singapore.

Transportation capacity
In 2005, various transportation means completed 85.51 billion ton-km of goods turnover, 28.831 billion person-km of passengers transfer. The number of civil motor-vehicles in Gansu Province have reached 457,700.

Finance and Insurance
By the end of 2005, the total assets of banking financial organizations in Gansu Province amounted to 343.712 billion Yuan and banking financial organizations have realized 775 million Yuan of profit, the Chinese and foreign currency balance reached 293.137 billion Yuan and the balance of various RMB loans reached 192.346 billion Yuan.
Insurance revenue in Gansu Province in 2005 was 4.824 billion Yuan, of which property insurance income 1.297 billion Yuan, life insurance income 3.098 billion Yuan, health insurance income 290 million Yuan, and the accident insurance income 139 million Yuan.

Post, Telecommunication and the Internet
Gansu province has completed 13.777 billion Yuan of total business of post and telecommunications in 2005, in which 13.065 billion Yuan is for telecommunication service and 0.717 billion Yuan for postal service. The general capacity of exchangers amounted to 6.93 million sets by the end of the year.
The telephone subscriber reached 5.4804 million in 2005, in which, 3.9529 million are for urban users, and 1.5275 million for rural users. There are 4.0844 million mobile users and the popularization rate of telephone has reached 36.34 sets/100 persons.
At present, 10,397 domain names, 3,985 CN domain names, and 2,855 websites have already been applied for in Gansu Province.

(v) Foreign Exchange
States of Sister Friendship
Gansu Province has established friendly provinces and states with 14 administrative regions of foreign countries.

Cities of Sister Friendship
5 cities and prefectures of Gansu Province has established twin cities with 13 administrative regions of foreign countries.

International Exposition and Conferences
China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair
China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair have been successful conducted for 13 sessions continuously and it is a grand meeting in economy and trade in the west of China. China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair has insisted the theme "opening, exploitation, cooperation and development" and is becoming a general layout by taking investment negotiation as the key point, to accelerate the activities by taking investment and trade, and taking professional exhibition, series cultural tourism as the major content. The fair possesses strong west features and has become an important window of Gansu and even the west of China opening to the outside world and the major channel for inviting investment. The 13th China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair in 2005 has signed 41 key contract projects all together, and the total amount signed has reached 5.544 billion Yuan, and it is planning to introduce in 5.135 billion Yuan of domestic and foreign fund.

(vi) Higher Education and Scientifi c Research
There are 12 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering in Gansu Province. There were 33 colleges and universities in Gansu Province in 2005, and there were 229,500 undergraduate students and 14,900 postgraduates in colleges and universities.
There was 1 newly-built national engineering research center and 2 state-level technological centers of enterprises (group) qualifi ed in 2005. 634 scientific and technical payoffs above provincial or ministry levels have been obtained all together. 1,759 patents applications have been accepted and 547 have been authorized. 1,877 technical contacts were signed in 2005 and the sum of money of the technical contracts closed and dealt reached 1.72 billion Yuan.

(vii) Tourism
Gansu Province is located at the golden section of the Silk Road, it has not only abundant historical cultural heritages and human cultural sights, but also multiform natural landscapes. The scenery of mountains and rivers are beautiful and charming. In 2005, the Province received tourists for about 12,078,500 person-times.

Scenic Spots
Gansu Province now has 17 China AAAA level tourism scenic spots,167 China AAA level tourism scenic spots. There are 43 places are state key cultural relic protection unit and 477 places are of provincial level. There are 4 national-level tourist attactions, 4 state level scenic spots, 4 state level geological parks and 6 China excellent tourism cities, namely, Lanzhou, Tianshui, Jiayuguan and Dunhuang etc.
Gansu Province has "World Artistic Treasure-house" Dunhuang Mogao Grotoo, "Desert Miracle" Mingsha Mountain and Yueya Spring in Dunhuang; the biggest scale wind erosion landform in the world- Dunhuang Yadan National Geology Park; "Eastern Sculpture House" Tianshui Maiji Mountain; "The First Taoist Religion Mountain in China" Pingliang Kongtong Mountain; "The First Impregnable Pass of the Great Wall" Jiayuguan; Excavation place of China travel sign of East Han Dynasty Bronze Galloping Horse-Leitai Han Dynasty Tomb; one of the six largest suzerain temple of Tibetan Buddhism- Lapuleng Temple; the biggest interior reclining Buddha temple in the world- Zhangye Great Buddha Temple; "Green Corridor" Lanzhou Yellow River Customs and Practices Line; the most beautiful plateau grassland in China- Gannan Prairie as well as Yongjing Yellow River Three Gorges scenic spots that collect the biggest ancient dinosaur footprint fossil group in the world, ancient grotto and reservoir and wetland sight on one area.

Characteristic Merchandise
(1) Cultural tourist products: Reader magazine, Bronze Galloping Horse, Jiuquan luminous cup, Mogao characteristic products, Lanzhou engraving calabash, Lanzhou dipping snuff, Lintao inkstone, Tianshuicarved lacquerware, Qingyang aromatic bag and scissor-cut. (2) Characteristic vegetable and fruit: Lanzhou Bailan Melon, Kushui rose, Lanzhou lily, Lanzhou peach, pear, soft pear, Tianshui Huaniu apple, Longnan Chinese goosebeery, Longnan persimmon, osmund, Kangxian agaric, day lily, Gangu chili, Linze red date, Hexi narrow-leaved oleaster and Shaji. (3) Characteristic material of traditional Chinese medicine: Milkvetch, Minxian angelica, desert saline cistanche, Suoyang, liquorice and Zushima. (4) Local produced wine: Longnanchun and Jinhui liquor, Zhangye Nanjiu, Bingzhou Qujiu, Hongchan special liquor, Linxia yellow wine, Mogao red wine, Qilian red wine and Guofeng red wine. (5) Characteristic farming byproduct: Potato, alfalfa, beer barley, hop, oil olive, vintage grape, splendid achnatherum, white yak, domestic goat and domestic fur as well as kinds of crops' seed.

Characteristic Food
Lanzhou Beef Noodles (hand-pulled Beef Noodles) is the most famous flavor snack and most characteristic and popular economic snack. Beef Noodles become famous in China and foreign countries with its beef thoroughly cooked, soup fresh and noodles fine. The famous local flavor snakes also include three unique in Gansu Province of ham, preserved ham and donkey flesh, as well as cured mutton and salted meat, bully beef, bittern meat,�� one stamp��, ��Sky Stars��, leek steamed stuffed bun, steamed stuffed bun with pork and mutton, buckwheat noodles, rice powder, cooking starchs'residue, sweet oil cake, jellied bean curd, naked oats fermented glutinous, sticky rice, fermented glutinous rice and Niangpi etc.


(i) GDP
In 2005, the GDP of Gansu Province is 192.814 billion Yuan, of which the increased value of primary industry is 30.00 billion Yuan; the added value of secondary industry is 83.655 billion Yuan; increased value of tertiary industry is 79.159 billion Yuan, in which the (added value) of wholesale and retail trade and catering industry is 17.345 billion Yuan, added value of real estate is 6.378 billion Yuan. The contribution rate of primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry for GDP is 7.1%��51.4% and 41.5%. The secondary industry and tertiary industry are the major driving force for drawing economic growth. The per capita total output value is 7,341 Yuan.

Proportion of Primary Industry, Secondary Industry and Tertiary Industry of Gansu Province in 2005

(ii) Main Industry and Resources
The grain planting area of Gansu Province is 2.5872 million hectare; cotton planting area is 63.9 thousand hectare; oil plants planting area is 328.9 thousand hectare; sugar material planting area is 4.4 thousand hectare; vegetable planting area is 306.8 thousand hectare. Grain total output in 2005 is 8.3689 million tons, summer and autumn grain output are 3.3801 million tons and 4.9888 million tons separately.

Output of Major Agricultural Products in 2005

Gansu Province realized industrial added value of 68.580 million Yuan in 2005.

Output of Major Industrial Products in 2005

Natural Resources
Land Resources��Per capita land of Gansu Province is 26.31 mu, per capita cultivated land is 2.71 mu, which is more than one time higher than that of China.
Water Resources��The water resources for development rank the forth in China. The surface water resources is 28.62 billion cubic meters, pure groundwater is 870 million cubic meters, gross water resources is about 29.49 billion cubic meters and per capita 1,150 cubic meter.
Mineral Resources��Mining industry development has become the major economic prop of Gansu province. 156 kinds of minerals have been discovered in Gansu Province, taking up 91% of all discovered minerals nationwide. Among the 156 kinds of minerials, the reserve of 81 kinds have been ascertained. There are 3 kinds rank the first in China and 13 kinds rank in 5th position and 22 kinds rank in 10th position.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources
Gansu province is the main producing area of Traditional Chinese Medicine with more than 9,500 kinds of medicinal materials available. Now, the major medicinal material for operation are of 450 kinds, especially Minxian Angelica and Wenxian Dangshen with large yield and high quality. They are the famous export medicinal material of China and foreign countries.

(iii) Business Data
Imports and Exports
In 2005, the foreign trade of Gansu Province kept fast development speed and completed total value of imports and exports of 2.633 billion U.S. dollar, in which: 1.091 U.S. dollar for export and 1.542 U.S. dollar for import.

Imports and Exports of Gansu Province from 2000 to 2005

Import Value Constitution of Gansu Province in 2005

Export Value Constitution of Gansu Province in 2005

Major Export Products of Gansu Province in 2005
Unit: ten thousand dollar

Major Import Products of Gansu Province in 2005
Unit: ten thousand dollar

Major Import & Export Markets of Gansu Province

Domestic Trade
In 2005, Gansu Province realized total volume of social retail sales of consumer goods of 63.28 billion Yuan. By professional, wholesale and retail trading realized turnover of 51.212 billion Yuan and catering industry realized turnover of 9.975 billion Yuan.
With the further improvement of consumption structure, the automobile and communication equipment commodity sales volume increased faster. Retail turnover of retail and wholesale trade enterprise is 3.207 billion Yuan and that of communication equipment is 256 million Yuan in 2005.

The Consumable Retail Amount of Gansu Province
from 2001 to 2005

Foreign Investment
In 2005, Gansu Province authorized to establish 34 foreign-invested enterprises with contracted foreign fund reaching US$140 million, and actual used foreign fund reaching US$ 20.44 million. Now Gansu had attracted investors from 53 conntries and regions, including Coca Cola, China Grain Group and BHP Billiton of Australia.
International Economic Cooperation
By the end of 2005, Gansu had implemented 682 external contracted cooperative projects with contracted amount reaching US$ 1.132 billion, and turnover reaching US$ 880 million. The contrat workers sent to foreign countries amounted to 12 thousand person-time. 425 multilateral, bilateral, nongovernmental organization aid projects had been implemented US$ 206.8 million, covering with assistance of 75 counties of Gansu province.

External Contracted Project and Service Cooperation Conditions of Gansu Province from 2001 to 2005

Investment in Foreign Countries and Technology Import
In 2005, Gansu Province authorized 9 external enterprises with total investment reaching US$ 8.93 million. We imported 7 technology projects with contracted amount reaching US$ 37.65 million.


(ii) The Advantageous Industries of Gansu Province
1. Follow-up industry development for national key ecological projects of returning cultivated land to forest and grassland, and natural forest protection, etc.
2. Technology development and application of water-saving irrigation
3. Potato product deep processing
4. Excellent quality wine-making grape base construction and high quality wine making
5. High quality beer raw material planting and processing
6. Rare earth deep processing and application product producing
7. Natural gas chemical industry and pipeline
8. Integrated circuit seal and pack
9. Millimeter wave navigational aid used for port and shipping
10. Drilling machine and oil fi eld equipment manufacturing
11. Construction and management for pipe net of urban gas supply, heating sypply, water supply and drainage
12. Construction, protection and management of travel scene area development and its supporting facilities
13. Highway passenger transportation
(iii) Procedures for Establishment of Foreign-invested Enterprise

Foreigh Exchange Registration
Apply for foreign-invested enterprise foreign exchange registration
Before handling the operation, foreigninvested enterprise should get the written reply files and Authorized Certificate for Foreign-funded Enterprise from relevant business department earlier and receive Business License from industry and commerce administration bureau.
After handling the operation from foreign exchange administration, enterprise may receive Foreign Exchange Registered Certifi cate of Foreign-funded Enterprise.
When handling foreign exchange at foreign exchange bureau or bank, enterprise must show the certifi cate.
Required Materials
1. Registeration Table of Basic Conditions of Foreign-funded Enterprise and Foreign Exchange Registeration Certificate of Foreign-funded Enterprise.
2. Duplicate of Business License, nonlegal person enterprise shall submit Business License (examine original or stamped copy and the copy shall be kept as record).
3. Written reply files approved and issued by commerce department and original approval certifi cate.
4. Contract and articles of association of joint venture or cooperation (examine original or stamped copy and the copy shall be on records).
5. Enterprise Code issued by State Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision.
6. To handle Foreign Exchange Registration Certificate of Foreign-funded Enterprise after the event, enterprise should publish statement on national newspaper.
Note: Other items can be consulted to the local department of exchange control.
Stipulation of Recruiting
The company established in Gansu province must pay a series of social treatment for employee, including old-age pension, unemployment insurance, basic medical insurance and union cost. Specific amount shall be paid according to relevant stipulation of local government.

(iv) Reference Prices of Basic Elements
Taking Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province for Example
Price of Electricity
Reference Price of Electricity

Water Price

Reference Rrice of Labor Force
According to the requirement of Ministry of Labor and Social Security, minimum wage adjustment coefficient of non-full time working is 140%. The minimum wage per hour standard of non-full time labor of whole province is: I Category Area is 3.6 Yuan, II Category Area is 3.4 Yuan and III Category Area is 3.2 Yuan.
Land Rent
State-owned Land Use Right Sales Price Standard of Outskirts of Lanzhou
Unit: RMB Yuan/square meter

Price of Natural Gas

Heating Price

(v) Living Environment

Leaving or entering regulation
Foreigner entering China, should apply for visa to diplomatic representative office, consulate or other departments authorvzed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In special conditions, according to stipulatou of State Council, foreigner can apply for visa to Chinese government visa granting office of responsible office designated port. Entry of foreigners from countries with visa agreement with China is subiect to the agreement.
Foreigners may leave China with selfavailability Passport or other effective certifi cate.

Working and living permit
Foreigner lives in China must holds ID card or Residence Certificate iussed by related department. The validity period of ID card or Residence Certificat shall be confirmed by cause of entry. The foreigner living in China, should has certifi cate examined at local public office within stated period. According to Law of People's republic of China, foreign investor in China or personnel of economy, science technology, cultural cooperation or others, approved by relevant department of Chinese government, can get long-term residency or permanent residency qualifi cation. Foreigner or student abroad that do not get residency certifi cate, cannot obtain employment in China without permission of Chinese government responsible office.
Foreigner holding effective visa or residency certificate, can travel in the areas open to foreigner. Foreigner goes to the area closed to foreigner, must apply for travel certificate to the local office of public security.

Living Environment
Lanzhou , the capital of Gan su Province, heading with the 3rd edition urban overall plan to implement the strategy of extend east and enter west, extend south and exploit north��, to perfect city comprehensive service function continuously. We attach great importance to road and bridge project, water supply and drainage pipe network , gas and heating pipe net, telecommunications power net construction. In recent years, we have implemented multinomial city infrastructure construction projects. We completed Xiaoxihu Bridge and Yintan Bridge, south and north Binhe Road construction. Urban water supply capacity is 1.3 million ton/day, and ability of sewage disposal veaches 191 thousand ton/day. The air pollution treatmen project moves forward actively, clean energy transform intensity is increased. The user of natural gas amounts to near 300 thousands and atmospheric environmental quality is obviously improved.

Medical and Sanitation
By the end of 2005, there are 11,855 sanitation organizations, 1,746 hospitals and health centers, 100 health centers for women and children, 7 special departments of disease prevention and cure. There are 59,935 beds and 82,680 sanitary technical persons in Gansu Province. The whole province have 103 disease prevention control center (epidemic prevention station), in which Lanzhou possesses strong medical resource advantage, such as Gansu province People's Hospital, Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Gansu Province, the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou University, the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou University and Tumor Hospital of Gansu Province etc.

Driving License
Foreigner holding foreign driving license and comforming to the stupilation of public security department, approved by the examination of traffic management department of public security, can obtain the driving license of China. Foreigner Applying for driving license should fill out Driving License Application Form and submit following certifi cation; (1) ID Card; (2) the proof of body condition issued by medical organization that over County-level; (3) Driving License. If the Driving License is not in chinese, translated version in Chinese is required.

Gansu--Development Zones

(i) State-level and Provinciallevel Development Zone
By the end of 2005, Gansu Province total established 36 development zones with various level and type, including 2 statelevel development zones and 34 provinciallevel development zones
State-level Development Zone
Lanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone
Industrial foundation of Lanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone is solid, traffic condition is convenient. And it has prominent science and technology strength, The land resource is rich, invite policy preference and living environment is graceful. Now an industrial system has been formed mainly with modern production, fine chemical industry, new type building material, biological medicine and electronic information. And a modern logistics system with medicine, household electrical equipment, tobacco, seed and petroleum and chemistry product has also been formed basically. In 2005, Lanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone have realized income of 5 billion Yuan and increasing rate of 42.3% compared with the last period and realized whole economic addition value of 1.37 billion Yuan and increasing rate of 70.94% compared with the last period.
Lanzhou High-new Technology Industry Development Zone
The planned area of Lanzhou High-new Technology Industry Development Zone is 14.96 km2, in which new building area 10.26 Km2, policy area 4.7 km2, accumulative total complete fixed asset investment is more than 10 billion Yuan. There are 1,096 registered enterprises within the zone, of which 298 high-new technology enterprises, 36 foreign investment enterprises and have realized total income of 15.15 billion Yuan in technology, industry and trade .
Provincial-level Development Zone
There are 34 provincial-level development zones in Gansu Province and the planned area is 25,856 hectare, with approved area 15,397 hectare and built area 6,446 hectare. The leading industry of the zones concentrates on aspect of farming byproduct processing, new material, manufacturing industry, biological pharmacy and modern Chinese medicine.

Provential-level Economic Development Zones of Gansu

(ii) Major Relevant Organization

(iii) Relevant Websites
Government Website

Commerce Organization and Websites
Department of Commerce of Gansu Province
Department of Commerce of Gansu Province is a composite department of People's Government of Gansu Province which manage domestic and international trade and international economic cooperation, implement functions of economic regulation, market supervision, profession management and public service.
Address: No. 386, Dingxi East Road, Lanzhou, Gansu Postcode: 730000
Tel: 86-931-8619723 Fax: 86-931-8618083
Website: http://www.gsdofcom.gov.cn/
Investment and Trade Promotion Department of Gansu Province
The responsibility of Investment and Trade Promotion Department of Gansu Province is strengthing attract for investments and investment trading promotion work, enlarging economic cooperation and exchange between provinces and prefecture.
Address: No. 35, Square South Road, lanzhou, Gansu Postcode: 730000
Tel: 86-931-8833109��8835692 Fax: 86-931-8811567
Website: http://www.gsfdi.gov.cn/

Relevant Websites


Main Hotels & Restaurants in Gansu

Emergency & Inquiry Telephone

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