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The First Guidance on Social Responsibility of China’s International Project Contracting Industry Officially Released

On September 28, the first Guidance on Social Responsibility of China’s International Project Contracting Industry (the “Guidance”) was officially released. Prepared by China International Contractors Association under the direction of the Ministry of Commerce, the Guidance is the first standard for voluntary social responsibility of the international project contracting industry.

In recent years, China’s international project contracting industry has developed fast into a key stage of transforming development pattern and pursuing business upgrading. While continuously improving the quality and level of operation, enterprises are also faced with the internal requirement of uplifting such “soft strength” as social responsibility. In order to further regulate overseas operation behaviors of international project contracting enterprises and impel them to actively perform their social responsibilities, China International Contractors Association prepared the Guidance under the direction of the Ministry of Commerce, which, focusing on seven issues including quality safety, employee development, owners' equity, supply chain management, fair competition, environmental protection and community development, puts forward specific work requirements for enterprises to perform their social responsibilities and makes clear key points of social responsibility management. The Guidance provides referable behavioral framework for international project contracting enterprises with reference to such standard international practices as the United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000 Guide and based on the current business situation of China’s project contracting industry.

The national release of the Guidance will be helpful for the competent departments of commerce at various regions and all enterprises to improve the understanding of the enterprises’ social responsibility. In the future, China International Contractors Association will continue to collect the social responsibility reports and relevant cases from various enterprises and release them on a regular basis after compilation.

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