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MOFCOM Comments on WTO’s Ruling on EU’s Anti-dumping Measures against China’s Fastener Imports

On December 3, the WTO Expert Panel released its ruling on EU’s anti-dumping measures against China’s Fasteners that EU’s rules concerning “single tariff” in Basic Anti-dumping Regulation and its anti-dumping measures against China’s fasteners were in violation of the WTO rules.

Head of the Department of Treaty and Law of MOFCOM stated that China welcomed the WTO’s ruling. EU has all along been requiring Chinese exporters to prove they meet with the "single tariff" requirements in anti-dumping response. It is a heavy burden and unfair treatment to Chinese companies. In particular the WTO Expert Panel ruled that such anti-dumping measures were discriminatory and in violation of the WTO’s rules.

The Head also said that China asked EU to respect the WTO’s ruling and rescind rules and discriminating practices that go against WTO rules at an early date and treat Chinese exporters fairly to maintain normal trade between China and the EU.

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